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Recover Response Costs in Today's World?

Of Course You Can!

Covenant Solutions is America's
Fire Service Cost Recovery Experts.

Why Choose Covenant Solutions?

We Are Fire Service Cost Recovery Pioneers!

Covenant Solutions has been providing Cost Recovery Solutions to Fire Departments and Rescue Squads across out nation since 2005. Our commitment to our customer's needs has helped move Motor Vehicle Accident Response cost recovery and other untapped revenue sources into the mainstream.

web-based reporting

Web-Based Reporting

Complete a response,  sign into your account, and file your report.  We make it fast and simple!

laser focused team

Laser Focused

Fire Rescue Incident Response Cost Recovery is our focus, our commitment and our passion!

self-established fees

Self-Established Fee Schedule

Covenant Solutions acts as your agent in recovering costs your department incurs when responding.

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40 %

how we can help

While the cost recovery process is straight forward enough, it may seem challenging, complicated and time consuming, creating more work than you want or need.

That's where we come in!

firefighters extinguishing a car fire
Let covenant solutions 'play the recovery game" for you

To recover your costs through insurance, you need to know how to "play the game."

Covenant Solutions plays the game for you, acting as your Coach, Quarterback and Cheerleader throughout the entire process, recovering response costs on your behalf.

We use a common sense approach and help you navigate the Cost Recovery field with ease and confidence. We’ll help you recover costs for a wide variety of Incident Responses, including:

What Our Customers Say

First Responder Fees Claims Becoming Routine for Insurers

As noted in a recent article from Insurance Journal, while cost recovery by fire departments is nothing new, (the concept dates back to the colonial days), recovering costs in today’s challenging economic climate has become a necessary practice for both fire departments and Rescue Squads alike, and ‘routine’ 

for the Insurance providers who reimburse for emergency services. If a fire department or rescue squad intends to stay operational in this day and age, they will at some point look to this practice and want to learn how to recover their own costs through insurance reimbursement successfully.

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America's Fire Service Cost Recovery Experts.

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